Help Your Clients Get into the Wine Business

While writing this, it became pretty evident there was a playlist just begging to be made. We couldn’t resist, so give our Raise Your Glass (Part 1) playlist a listen while you read this post. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it, because we really enjoyed making it. *Please note Ghostbusters is our tribute to Dan Aykroyd, though he did not actually perform the song.

It seems almost daily there’s a new press release announcing a celebrity or company branching out into the wine industry. And why shouldn’t they? The overall alcohol beverage industry is booming, and the direct-to-consumer wine industry has grown every year since we started tracking it. In fact, last year the DtC industry grew 15.5%, which resulted in almost $2 billion in revenue.

So it makes a lot a sense that more and more attorneys are hearing the words, ‘We want to get into wine.’ From Fergie, to Blue Apron, to Kurt Russell, entering the wine industry provides a unique opportunity for brands to create a mixture of culture, luxury, and style.

This isn’t our first time around the block when it comes to helping folks get into the wine industry, so we’ve created a lovely hand out that provides an overview of the options a business or individual has for selling wine. You can download the guide below, and as always, feel free to give us a ring if you have any outstanding questions!

attorney guide



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