Event Announcement | Beverage Alcohol Community Symposium (BACS)

We are excited to announce we will be hosting our second annual fall conference November 12th in New York, NY! The Beverage Alcohol Community Symposium (BACS) focuses on the Federal and State challenges the beverage alcohol industry faces when bringing new products to market.

Inspired by our BAC online, this event promises to provide insight from the industry’s leading compliance experts, best practices for wholesale businesses, and networking opportunities with peers.

Last fall, we hosted our first annual Wholesale Gathering, the inaugural ShipCompliant conference, which covered the current state of alcohol industry regulations and affairs affecting wholesale distribution. This event was such a success, we followed it up with wholesale-specific sessions at our annual DIRECT conference this past spring.

We surveyed attendees of these events to determine the most common issues the wholesale beverage alcohol community faces. Based on their feedback, this year’s symposium will tackle:

  • Federal and State challenges of the industry
  • Compliance and sales issues through the 3T system
  • Industry struggles and best practices when bringing products to market
  • Recent trends in the beverage alcohol industry

We are bringing industry experts, regulatory officials, and members of the beverage alcohol community together to discuss these topics, share their expertise, and learn best practices from each other. Confirmed speakers include:

  • John Beaudette, President & CEO, MHW, Ltd.
  • Nick Bergman, Buchman
  • Bill Earle, President, National Association of Beverage Importers, Inc.
  • Susan Evans, Executive Liaison for Industry and State Matters, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
  • Jacqueline Flug, Counsel to the Authority, New York State Liquor Authority
  • Bart Watson, Chief Economist, Brewers Association

Join us at this year’s Beverage Alcohol Community Symposium to begin discussions we’ll continue on our online community throughout the year.

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