Weekly Roundup | Implications of the TPP, Marketing to Millennials, and Malt Beverage Labeling with the TTB

Happy Monday! I hope you had a delight-fall weekend. This week our roundup contains the TPP’s implications for wineries tips for winning over millennials, and more! I hope you enjoy it, and if I missed something, be sure to let me know in the comments.


FedEx Will Now Ship Wine to North Dakota | Beginning in September, FedEx Ground and FedEx Express began accepting deliveries of wine into, out of, and within North Dakota. ShipCompliant

California Wine Industry Expected to Benefit from Trans-Pacific Partnership | This trade deal would end more than 18,000 tariffs that the participating countries have in place. The Press Democrat

TTB Newsletter | This week, the TTB’s newsletter features a video training series for determining alcohol content, steps for filing disaster claims, and more! TTB 


Alcohol Percentages are Creeping Up in Wines | Wine has slowly increased in ABV since the 1980s. Miami Herald

How to Maintain Your Wine Club Members | The moment a client signs up for your wine club, the clock starts ticking. Check out these tips to make your club members stay around longer. Chatterbox

More California Winemakers Using Less Water to Grow Grapes | Some winemakers believe when it comes to wine grapes, the less irrigation, the better. The New York Times

Anheuser-Busch InBev Says It’s ‘Surprised’ by SABMiller Rejection | With the clock ticking, Anheuser-Busch is pressing ahead in hopes of securing the largest beer merger in history. The New York Times


Webinar Recording | AMA About Malt Beverage Labeling with the TTB | This recording shares some tips to decrease the chances of the ‘needs correction’ status for your label. ShipCompliant

5 Tips for Marketing to Millennials | Millennials, getting into their highest earning years, are an essential demographic to understand. WineDirect

Consumers ‘Playing it Safe’ with Alcohol Choices | The Drinking Code, a report analyzing attitudes from 6,500 adults globally, shows trends in consumption patterns. The Spirits Business

Find Out Which Beer is Made Closest to You With This Crazy Map | This visualization shows you what folks mean when they say ‘craft beer revolution.’ Washington Post


Tap This: Alternative Pumpkin Beers are Brewed with Squashed and Yams | A few options for those of you that don’t love pumpkin beers. The Weekender

Myth Busted: Hard Cider Doesn’t Have to Be Sweet | Dentists rejoice: there are other options for ciders than those with 20 grams of sugar.

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