Webinar | AMA About Malt Beverage Labeling with the TTB

When you submit a COLA through COLAs Online or through a paper submission, the TTB labeling specialists may return your COLA application with a “Needs Correction” request. We sat down with Michael Webster, the new Labeling Specialist for Malt Beverages at the TTB, to learn the 10 most common reasons why COLAS are returned. He also shared some great resources from the TTB, including a list of exempt ingredients or processes, updated approval qualifications and allowable revisions and labeling resources.

Watch the webinar to understand:

Top 10 reasons for corrections needed, including:

  • Statements that may be misleading or false
  • Missing information such as the class, type, address or country of origin
  • Conflicts between the formula and labels
  • Formatting errors for alcohol statement, net content and/or government warning

Presenter: Michael Webster, Labeling Specialist, TTB

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