FedEx Will Now Ship Wine to North Dakota

FedEx recently announced that it has opened North Dakota for shipments of wine. Beginning in September, FedEx Ground and FedEx Express began accepting deliveries of wine into, out of, and within North Dakota. This should greatly benefit wineries in fulfilling direct sales in North Dakota.

All shipments of wine must comply with North Dakota’s regulations, including licensing, package labeling, reporting, and tax requirements. (These rules are outlined in ND statute 5-01-16(5).) FedEx policy further restricts all alcoholic beverage shipments to only licensed parties that have executed a FedEx Alcohol Shipping Agreement. Additionally, FedEx also restricts direct-to-consumer shipments of alcoholic beverages to only wine products–beer and spirits may not be shipped through FedEx.

The following was released by FedEx:

Effective September 15, 2015, FedEx Ground and FedEx Express will open the state of North Dakota for legal shipments of alcoholic beverages.

  • FedEx Ground and FedEx Express will once again transport legal alcoholic beverage shipments into, out of and within the state of North Dakota

Per FedEx policy, all alcoholic beverage shipments may only be tendered by licensed entities that have executed a FedEx Alcohol Shipping Agreement.  All alcoholic beverage shipments must comply with all FedEx policies and federal, state and local regulations.  Wine is the only type of alcoholic beverage that is allowed to be shipped directly to consumers.

FedEx does not provide legal advice to third parties. Questions not related to FedEx policy should be directed to appropriate legal counsel and the North Dakota Office of the State Tax Commissioner, Alcohol Tax Section.

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