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We here at ShipCompliant just love autumn: The golden Aspens sprinkled in the Rockies, the cool nights that allow us to wear flannel daily, the promise that ski season is just around the corner, and the pumpkins. Oh, the pumpkins.

It seems no one can get enough of this orange gourd. Gone are the days when pumpkins were mostly used for home protection or festive decor. Nowadays, they’re a huge part of our seasonal diet. According to Nielsen, pumpkin product sales have grown 79% since 2011, with 361 million dollars spent last year alone.

These days we’re seeing pumpkin in our lattes, in our cereal, in treats for our furry friends, and our alcoholic beverages.

We wanted to dive into what this pumpkin craze has meant for the beer industry, so we did a little digging with LabelVision and created this fun infographic. LabelVision is our tool that allows us to search the TTB’s database for all beer labels registered with a COLA. The infographic below shows some of our findings. Let us know what you think, and if you have a favorite pumpkin beer, let us know by posting it in the Beverage Alcohol Community, and you might even win a free LabelVision subscription!

Pumpkin Buzz

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