What’s New with the Delivery Experience Tools?

As you (hopefully) know, ShipCompliant thrives off of feedback. The suggestions we hear from our clients are some of the driving forces of our company. In that spirit, we are excited to share some updates we’ve been working hard to complete for the Delivery Experience tools. And, as always, please share any feedback in the comments!

Customer Scoring

Your customers get to score you, but what if you could score them? Just like delivery rate, you are now able to rate your customers on how well they receive their packages. This feature, which is similar to how Uber works, allows you to know beforehand what your likely experience will be with a particular customer.

Have a customer that never seems to get his/her package? Identify customers with a low score quickly on the Ready and Batched pages. You can then proactively reach out before shipping to offer different options and increase the likelihood that they’ll get the package on the first try.

NPS Scores on the Dashboard

Knowing where you stand with your customers is essential for good business practices, and something we take very seriously. Now, we’ve taken the guessing out of the game for you, and put the NPS score on the dashboard. You’ll have your measurable, actionable customer feedback faster, and be able to see your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and most recent responses on your Delivery Dashboard. Learn more about NPS emails.

Updates to the Preshipment tools

Our preshipment tools are real crowd pleasers, and we’ve now made them even better than before. Users now have better visibility into shipments, meaning you know what needs your attention before it is our of your control. The Ready and Batched pages are spruced up, and now include insight into your pickup orders. Click here to get more details about the Unshipped section.

Automatic Temperature Analysis

Temperature fluctuations add a serious complication and are one of the top five challenges wineries face when shipping wine. We’ve got you covered though: our Delivery Experience tools now automatically analyze the destination temperature of each package prior to shipping. The Ready and Batched pages let you assess the risk of shipping the package and make an educated decision on whether or not it’s the right time to ship that package. Click here to learn more about this awesome tool.

“Dismiss” Packages

Keeping track of shipments is one of the most common tasks where customers request support. We know it can be a challenge to keep up with packages, especially those that get returned or damaged. Now, once you’ve taken care of a returned or damaged package, you can remove it from your Dashboard and En Route pages. Even better, dismissed packages are still accessible under the “Dismissed” filter, so you can revisit them any time you need. Click here to learn more.

We know that was a lot of information, but we’re just so excited about these updates. Have an idea or suggestion for us? Let us know!


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