Sovos Compliance Purchases WineDirect Compliance and Strengthens Partnership

We’re excited to announce that our parent company, Sovos Compliance, has purchased WineDirect Compliance, a product of WineDirect. ShipCompliant has taken over the operation of the WineDirect Compliance platform, and clients that are currently using it either directly, or through a subscription to Vin65 Plus can continue to use the tool without interruption. Vin65 clients now have access to the benefits of working with ShipCompliant, including free, unlimited support through our legendary Client Services team.

ShipCompliant has also taken over the regulatory maintenance of the WineDirect Compliance platform, leveraging our team of over 40 research specialists, ShipCompliant’s 10 years of beverage alcohol research experience and Sovos’ 30 years of tax and compliance research.

Wineries using WineDirect Compliance now have the option of creating an account on the ShipCompliant platform.

Strategic Partnership With Vin65

We’re also announcing a strategic partnership with Vin65. Both Vin65 and WineDirect Fulfillment have been partners of ShipCompliant for many years. Following this acquisition, we now have roughly 300 clients in common and Vin65 is a Gold Certified partner.

We’ve worked closely with the WineDirect team to improve the integration between Vin65 and ShipCompliant. Current clients of Vin65 and ShipCompliant can benefit immediately from new integration features:

  • “One-Click Compliance” sync of order, brand and product data
  • Single sign-on from within Vin65
  • Automated order cancellation
  • Automated brand sync
  • Automated product sync

Any winery that signs up for Vin65 Plus moving forward gets a ShipCompliant Lite account included in their subscription and can charge accurate destination-based sales tax and run comprehensive compliance checks on every DtC order.

We are excited for the opportunity that this acquisition and partnership provide and we hope that you are too. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing more details for clients and conducting informational webinars. If you would like to be notified when more information is published, let us know here. You can also always contact us directly.


  1. Virginia Rogstad

    We are a client of both ShipCompliant and Vin65. How will the purchase affect us?

  2. Alex Oxford

    Wow… This is amazing! Welcome to the team, WineDirect!!

    Alex Oxford
    Product marketing manager


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