Weekly Roundup | Best Practices for Branding, Wine Purchasing of Millennials, and Three Decades of the DtC Industry

I hope you had a great last weekend in August! I’ve put together this roundup to once again bring you the latest and greatest in beverage alcohol news. This week, we have your best practices for beer branding, wine purchasing trends for Generation Y, and Steve Gross’s three-decade view of the DtC industry. Read something interesting I missed? Let me know in the comments. Have a great week!


Michigan Liquor Control Commission is Cracking Down | This quick refresher on the rules is here so you don’t get stung in Michigan. ShipCompliant

TTB Newsletter | This newsletter features details on the new process for changing passwords in COLAs and Formulas Online, a Federal Register notice by the USTR, and more! TTB 

Arkansas Label Registrations: Now Faster! | Wholesale wine and spirit registrations submitted through PRO can now receive an immediate, automatic approval. There are some details to note! ShipCompliant


A Long View Perspective on DtC Shipping | Steve Gross joins us to share a three-decade perspective of the direct-to-consumer industry. ShipCompliant

Five Threats to the Continued Rise of Craft Beer | A list for the forward-looking brewers to consider. The Drinks Business

Smart Beer Branding for 2015 and Beyond | This free webinar recording has everything you need to know about trademark issues and branding best practices for your beers. ShipCompliant


Beer in Boulder: The Craft of the Town  | Another reason you should come visit us in beautiful Boulder, CO. Colorado Daily

How Much Generation Y Will Pay for a Bottle of Wine | Just how much are Millennials paying for wine? Business Review Weekly

Don’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: Why Brewing Together Works Better in the Craft Beer Industry |Craft brewers’ cooperative thinking fosters a spirit of collaboration and creates a powerful bloc that shows steady growth. Entrepreneur


California Wine: Napa Versus SonomaWe all know that Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are almost synonymous with California wine, but what’s the difference between them? We explore the nuances of each. VinePair

10 Fall Beers with Absolutely No Pumpkin in Them | Prepare yourself. It’s almost pumpkin-everything-season. Market Watch


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