Update | Improved Delivery Experience Tools

Since the release of our delivery experience tools at this year’s DIRECT conference, we received lots of insightful feedback from our users. We’ve taken that feedback and come up with even more ways to improve the delivery experience for you, and ultimately your customers. 

  • Support Multiple Brands: We know juggling several brands is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Automated emails make it easy represent all your brands while maintaining authenticity. If you’re a ShipCompliant customer, you can learn more here.
  • Find Damaged Packages Faster: Unfortunately, damaged packages happen, and can ruin your customer’s experience with your winery. Instead of waiting for word from a third party, or finding a soggy box on your loading dock, be proactive about finding damaged packages and communicating the issue with your customer.
  • Send Automated Net Promoter Score Emails: The best way to understand and improve your customer’s experience is to get feedback you can learn from. New, automated Net Promoter Score emails go out to your customers just three days after their package is delivered, so you know your product is fresh on their minds. An NPS survey provides you with measurable, actionable feedback from your customers. How will your customers rate you? Get started using NPS emails.
  • Improve the Preshipment Experience: Take the guessing game out of your shipments! With these tools, you can easily review shipments for potential issues concerning temperature, compliance, and more before they are sent using our Ready and Batched tools!

We hope you are as excited as we are about these updates! Want to learn more about the delivery experience tools?


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