Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Out of the Alcohol Labeling Business

Despite having an Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC), Louisiana has long held the authority for the registration and label review of alcoholic beverages under the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH). Their responsibilities also included the registration of prophylactics, drugs, cosmetics, and seafood. Once the HB 331 is signed into law, the authority for alcohol label registration is set to transfer to the ATC. This is exciting news for (alcohol) registrants.

Here’s why:

Under HB 331, your state registration “shall become effective upon submission of a complete [COLA] application.” Previously, licensees submitted a registration to the DHH and typically waited several weeks to receive approval. This bill sets a precedent for states approving registrations provided they have an approved COLA, and we hope that more states will follow in Louisiana’s footsteps to make the registration process more streamlined for everyone. HB 331 will also allow the Commissioner to accept electronic registrations. That means no more snail mail and licking stamps, and an immediate submission and approval from the state!
So, we give HB 331 two thumbs up. The bill passed the House and Senate 95-0 and 36-0 respectively, and is a sign that Louisiana is modernizing and willing to break a habit for the sake of an updated and improved process.

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  1. Anne Marie

    Hi Alex,
    Jeannie sent this to me. Do you know when this will in effect?

    • Alex Umbhau

      Hi Anne Marie,
      Thanks for your comment. As of June 12th, HB331 was sent to the Governor for executive approval. After being signed, the bill will be promulgated and we will be putting out another post regarding changes to the registration process. As of now, there’s no exact date for when the switch will occur.


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