Summer, Summer, Label Time

Wow – it’s summer already! To celebrate, we’re holding a contest to find the “hottest” label on LabelVision.

1st place: Three free months of LabelVision Pro (That’s a $1,000 value!), one ShipCompliant
t-shirt, two ShipCompliant stickers
2nd place: Two free months of LabelVision Pro and a ShipCompliant t-shirt
3rd place: One free month of LabelVision Pro

Here’s how to enter the contest:
1. Register for the Beverage Alcohol Community.
2. Go to the free public LabelVision search page and search around to find the “HOTTEST” label you can. Be as creative as you’d like!
3. Click on the label and copy the sharing URL

4. Paste the URL as a response to this BAC post. (Reminder: You’ll have to register for the Beverage Alcohol Community first!)

We’ll review submissions on July 15th. We’ll send winners an email notification and share those hot labels on Twitter. You are also welcome to add labels that you don’t find with LabelVision, but LabelVision sure does make it easy!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Note: You can only win free LabelVision if you are not currently a LabelVision user. You can still win the t-shirts and stickers, though! 

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