DIRECT 2015: Top Five Takeaways

DIRECT 2015 was everything it promised to be: inspirational, informative, and absolutely packed. In all the excitement, you may have missed out on one of the nuggets of wisdom that was shared over the two-day event. Not to worry! Below you’ll find the Top Five Takeaways from this year’s DIRECT conference.

1) It’s All About the People

Too often businesses mistake the day-to-day service they provide with the personalized hospitality their clients deserve. Bobby Stuckey taught us that creating a culture of authentic hospitality to surpass this typical service experience can completely change how customers interact with your brand. To achieve this, “you must treat yourself well and your colleagues great.”

Chip Conley continued with this sentiment when he explained how to develop a company culture by utilizing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. First, you must provide your employees with the basic physiological requirements and feelings of security. Only then can you fully invest in a culture to nurture an enthusiastic staff, customer loyalty, and ultimately “Karmic Capitalism.” Ask yourself, what are you doing for your employees that’s different, and will it create a culture that differentiates your company?

And being different is the best way to be best yourself, as we learned from David Rendall. “The way to achieve and maintain excellence is to deviate from the norm.” Embrace the characteristics that make you different, and you’ll embody the exceptional person that’s truly you. (Yes, things got emotional.)

2) Arm Your Company With Knowledge

Staying on top of legislative trends and developments is the best way to protect your winery. Steve Gross of the Wine Institute shared state updates as well as preventive steps you can take to protect yourself from risk.

In our Social Media Compliance workshop, we learned just how tricky, but increasingly useful, social media platforms are. Reference tools like Industry Circular 2013-1 can help you understand the do’s and don’t’s for various social media platforms.

3) Utilize the Resources You Have

This conference was overflowing with information and tactics that will make your job easier and your customers happier. Streamlining your workflow with integrations is an excellent way to save time and money while improving the delivery experience for your clients. We are regularly adding to our partner integrations, and you can see the full list here.

We focus on support at DIRECT to enable you to take full advantage of the ShipCompliant tools you use. For example, attendees were taught about more than 40 reports available to ShipCompliant customers, and how to leverage the data those reports provide.

4) Exciting Things are Happening

The most exciting part about DIRECT is the opportunity to share our recent products and updates with you. We were thrilled to release the Delivery Experience tools that are changing the way wineries engage with their shoppers. This tool empowers direct-wine shippers to maintain control and a consistent brand from tasting room to table.

Additionally, the Provisional Approval and COLA tools have been overwhelmingly received, as they are cutting time to market for our clients in half! You can learn more about what these tools can do for you here.

5) Be Part of the Community

The best part about the DIRECT conference is the conversation and community that comes out of it. We want to continue this conversation throughout the year, so we’ve created the Beverage Alcohol Community. This forum is a place for anyone in the industry to ask questions, share information, and keep the conversation flowing. We’re thrilled about the traction it’s already gained, and can’t wait for you to be part of it.

We hope you enjoyed DIRECT as much as we did. If you weren’t able to make it this year, hopefully we’ll see you next year! Stay tuned to our website for details on the 2016 event.

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  1. Melody Royval

    Been to last three years of Direct Conference and benefited every time. Loved the great inspirational speakers this year. Loved how much I got to laugh too! Definitely will come again next year! Keep up the great work and please do reward your behind the scenes set-up girl Jamie with some kind of paid for beauty and/or massage spoiling package. 😀


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