DIRECT Day Two Agenda

The official DIRECT2015 Agenda is now available!

Day two of DIRECT is full of educational workshops and discussions for attendees. These include hands-on trainings, moderated discussion groups, one-on-one meetings with ShipCompliant team members, and our first-ever west coast Wholesale Gathering. You can see our unofficial agenda for these events below.

Download the official DIRECT 2015 Agenda now.

Friday, May 29 | 8 am – 12 pm | ShipCompliant Workshops & Discussions

  • Everything You Need to Know About Winery Tastings, Events, and Sponsorships Bahaneh Hobel, Rebecca Stamey-White
  • Social Media Compliance Susan Evans, Kristen Techel, John Trinidad
  • Delivery Experience Workshop
  • Data Management for Compliance Workshop
  • Integrations to Save Time and Energy Workshop
  • Reporting & Analytics Workshop
  • Wholesale Gathering Sessions:
    • Keynote & Industry Update
    • Shape the Wholesale Industry
    • TTB Allowable Revisions Best Practices
    • Open Q&A Wholesale Workshop




  1. Shannon Wetherell

    If possible we would like to do a 1-on-1 after 10:00am.

    • Rachel Bush - Marketing Coordinator

      Hi, Shannon!

      Thanks for your interest in the 1-on-1’s! We’d love to meet with you. You can sign up for a time slot here: It looks like we have a 10:00am appointment open both Thursday and Friday. We look forward to meeting with you!

  2. Mariko Morikawa

    As always, this was a great conference. So much great information, but I had to miss the Social Media Workshop. Were there any other sources of information or contacts that we could reach out to to get more information/ideas? I saw the link to the Industry Circular, but was hoping there would be more.


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