A Regional Look at the Direct-to-Consumer Industry

As revealed in our Direct-to-Consumer Report, 2014 saw some big growth in the direct shipping market. This growth can be traced to the success of certain varietals, the strengthening of medium-sized wineries, and the relative success of certain regions. In particular, Oregon, Washington, and the rest of the US (excluding California) excelled this past year.

The biggest story in direct shipping for 2014 came from Oregon. With a 46.3% growth in volume and a 52.5% change in total value, this state’s growth overshadowed the rest.  However, even with this impressive jump, Oregon still only Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 1.47.11 PMaccounts for 4.6% of the total volume of direct shipping by region.

Washington and the rest of the US (excluding California) also experienced a leap in growth this past year, with an 18.9% and 15.7% increase in volume, respectively. This translates to a 19.6% change in value for Washington and a 20.1% chance in value for the rest of the US. It is important to note that even with these huge strides in growth, Washington and the other regions, excluding California, only make up a combined 14% of the total volume shipped.

These areas exceeded the rest of the industry in growth, but Napa wineries remained the engine that drives direct-to-Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 1.03.02 PMconsumer shipping in the United States. Their sales accounted for 32% of the total volume of wine shipped.

These shipments had a value of over 880 million dollars, which is almost half of the total industry. This was helped by the higher than average price per bottle that Napa wineries hold. At a $58.13, this average is $18.41 higher than Oregon, which holds the next highest average price per bottle.

2014 was an unparalleled year for growth in the direct-to-consumer wine industry. Huge strides were seen across the board. To read more about these developments, download and read our 2015 Direct-to-Consumer Report.


  1. Alex McGeary

    Interesting that you site only two regions in the state of California on direct shipping stats. Wonder what your report would look like if you had included the entire state of California, or is there no life south of San Francisco?

    • Rachel Bush - Marketing Coordinator

      Hi, Alex! Thanks so much for your question. While in this specific blog post we only site Napa, the rest of our Direct-to-Consumer Report analyzes the entire direct shipping market, including areas other than Napa and Sonoma. Don’t worry, we love all of California! If you’d like to read the full report, you can access it here: http://info.shipcompliant.com/2015-direct-wine-shipping-report.

      I hope this answered your question. If not, please feel free to chat with me via email at rachel@shipcompliant.com!


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