Updates to the Indiana Excise Tax Return Process

Indiana recently published a new site to upload and file alcohol excise tax returns. The site is ready for use, right now and means some changes in the process for those filing in Indiana.

What does this mean if I’m already registered and electronically filing through Indiana’s previous filing process?

Information about the EFT payment process and XML schema is here.

What does this mean if I’m not registered? 

  • E-filing is a requirement, so you need to register.
  • To register, follow these two steps:
    1. Email excisetax@dor.in.gov for a Tax Identification Number if you don’t have one already
    2. Email bulkfiler@dor.in.gov for login credentials to the new website

With the new site, comes some new processes. There is no longer a need to PGP encrypt your XML report, and you no longer need to log into Indiana’s SFTP site with WinSCP to transfer the PGP encrypted XML file.

These changes affect the following reports for ShipCompliant customers:

  • ALC-PS: Primary Source Suppliers Monthly Report
  • ALC-DWS: Direct Wine Sellers Excise Tax Return

If you’re an AutoFile customer, you don’t need to worry about any of these changes. We’ve adjusted our processes accordingly.

If you have questions or need clarification on any of these changes, contact us by emailing support@shipcompliant.com


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