How to Improve Your Wine Shipping Integration With UPS and FedEx


If you use FedEx or UPS to print shipping labels for your wine packages, you can integrate with ShipCompliant to streamline your fulfillment process. This means:

  • You’ll never type an address to print a label again
  • One click can pull all shipment information from ShipCompliant into FedEx or UPS, and your labels are ready to print
  • Tracking numbers sync automatically into your ShipCompliant account

How to set-up UPS Worldship™ and FedEx Shipmanager™ with ShipCompliant

  1. Call your UPS or FedEx representative and request that they install the necessary software on the computer that you use to print labels. They may be able to do this remotely, or they may come onsite to make the installation.
  2. Configure the integration in your ShipCompliant account. Click here for detailed instructions for integrating with UPS Worldship™ and click here for detailed instructions for integrating with Fedex. Note: You may need to sign-in to access the articles. 
  3. Add club shipments or daily orders as needed and celebrate your new shipping process

How does the integration work for daily orders?

Follow our instructions (see above) to enter a daily order number into your fulfillment software. Then, simply scan your invoice to pull the shipment information into UPS or FedEx from ShipCompliant. The tracking number will sync back to your ShipCompliant account automatically.

What about club shipments?

Create a batch in ShipCompliant for the club orders you want to process, making sure all packages in the batch are the same weight. Then, enter the batch number into UPS or FedEx. Once this is done, all of the shipping information for every package will pull in and your labels will be print-ready. Tracking numbers then sync back into ShipCompliant automatically.

How much does it cost?

The Fedex and Worldship integrations are always FREE from ShipCompliant, and almost always free of charge from UPS and FedEx. If you’re already a ShipCompliant customer, contact support and we’ll get you taken care of. Not a ShipCompliant client yet?. Schedule a demo to get started.



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