Easier and Faster Reporting and Remittance – A.R.R.O. Reports

Automated Reporting and Remittance Online is the Future

We are thrilled to announce an incredible improvement to our reporting tool that is easier than eFile reports and faster than paper reports.

ShipCompliant, in partnership with the state of Virginia, has developed a new way to submit reports and remit taxes – ARRO reports.¬†This new process was made possible by the incredible help from Virginia.¬†Virginia’s implementation of ARRO lowers the cost of doing business and streamlines the reporting process, making life easier for wineries and consumers.

Here’s how it works: Reports are transmitted directly from ShipCompliant to the state regulatory agency and payments are transmitted directly from your chosen bank account to the state’s bank account.

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What does this mean for you, a ShipCompliant customer?

  • No envelopes
  • No portals
  • No passwords
  • Secure payments and report transmissions
  • Traceable and backed by the AutoFile guarantee

ARRO reports are currently available in Virginia for ShipCompliant AutoFile customers. We have big plans to roll this awesome new process out to more states this year.

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