2015 Alcohol License Renewal Season Begins in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Revenue recently announced that existing licensees can now renew their alcohol license for 2015 via their Georgia Tax Center (GTC) account. Renewals must be completed online using the GTC before the end of the calendar year.  Wineries renewing a Manufacturer of Wine, Farm Winery or Broker license are required to submit a $5000 bond that is valid for 2015. Please note that the renewal process cannot be completed until after the bond is uploaded to the licensee’s GTC account.

Georiga DORAdditionally, any alcohol licensee that has not yet submitted a Citizenship Affidavit and copy of a Secure and Verifiable Document must provide this information at the time of renewal. For more information about how to file for renewal via your GTC account, click here.

Annie Bones, State Relations – Wine Institute

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  1. Tee Zellous


    I have experienced while visiting the state of Louisiana, they have drive-thru Margarita stores. Just like our drive-thru liquor stores here in Georgia. In Louisiana you can drive up to the drive-thru and order the type (flavors and size)of Margarita you desire and they will hand you a white styrofoam cup with a plastic lid (as if you were at Chic Fil A ordering a Lemonade) with a couple of strips of tape connecting the lid to the cup for a seal. If the seal is broken from the lid and the cup while driving – it’s called driving with an open container.

    My question to you is will Georgia allow a drive-thru Margarita store? If so, what are the requirements to obtain a liquor licenses to open a Margarita store?


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