Sending our thoughts to California

All of us at ShipCompliant are very sorry to hear about the earthquake over the weekend that impacted our friends in Napa and Sonoma. While we are grateful to hear that none of our friends in the area are injured, we are saddened by the property damage, loss of inventory, and overall disruption to the operations the earthquake has caused.

red cross

If you are not in Napa and would like to help those affected by the earthquake, you can donate to the Red Cross. Click here to donate directly to the Napa County Chapter. Additionally, we encourage wine drinkers to drink Napa wines (#drinknapa) to help make up for the costs of loss in inventory.

If you are in Napa and would like to help out, check out the Wine Industry Insights help forum where you can both ask for assistance and offer your assistance. Monitor news related to the Napa earthquake on Additionally, a complete list of resources for the Napa community is available from Napa Valley Vintners.

Lastly, yesterday TTB recognized that the devastation caused by the earthquake may have affected the operations of certain taxpayers. TTB will consider waiving late filing, payment, or deposit penalties on a case-by-case basis. Read full details of the announcement here.

Stay safe everyone!

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  1. Lea Fainer

    RE the TTB waiving late filings and fees/penalties:
    This may be requested of the TTB at any time (not just in disaster scenarios). However, a specialist at the TTB informed me that, in cases where a penalty/fee may be relatively small (e.g. a small tax return filed a few days late), the TTB would not routinely assess & enforce fees & penalties. But if a winery formally requests a waiver of penalty from the TTB, the agency’s policy is to audit the requester’s tax record/s, regardless of the size of the liability. Just keep this in mind when considering submitting this type of request to the TTB. Here is a link to more information about filing a loss claim:


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