Your Secret Weapon: ShipCompliant Analytics

Have you ever wanted to easily find meaning in your ShipCompliant data or wondered what your most popular varietal or product is in a particular state? Or perhaps you’ve wondered which orders are unshipped, or even which licenses are expiring without manually sifting through spreadsheets or order data? ShipCompliant Analytics serves up data from your account in easy-to-read, exportable reports so you can quickly locate and review the information you need.

Now is a great time to reflect on how your business fared in Q1. Check out the Compliance, Fulfillment, and Sales and Marketing Analysis in the Analytics tab of your account to see where you stand, find trends, or even change the course of your business for Q2 and beyond. Below is a list of popular reports by section that are currently available to ShipCompliant clients.


  • Expiring License Analysis – A list of expiring and coming due licenses by state and type.
  • Non-Compliant Order Analysis – See all non-compliant orders during a specific time period.
  • Open Tax Liability by State – For each month in a given year, see open tax liability by state.
  • Required Label Registrations – View any labels that require direct-to-consumer registrations.
  • Taxes Paid by State – View the breakdown of sales and excise taxes paid to each state.


  • Delivery Attempts and Exceptions – Analyze carrier (FedEx, UPS, GSO) scans from the last 30 days.
  • Unshipped Order Analysis – View all orders with a recent requested ship date that have not yet been shipped.
  • Products by Fulfillment Location – View products shipped by each fulfillment location.

Sales and Marketing Analysis

  • All Sales by State – See all sales by destination state. Great for comparing pickup, direct shipped and wholesale sales.
  • Top Selling Products by State – For each ship-to state, see the top selling products, including varietal.
  • Direct Sales by Partner – View sales by OMS partner.
  • Cases Sold per State vs. Baseline – View your direct to consumer sales by state compared to the aggregate baseline.

Once you locate the report you’re interested in, export it in the file format of your choice for further analysis. If you can’t find the report you’re looking for, just suggest a report on our Analytics page or in our Ideas Forum.

Happy Analyzing!

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