10 Days Left Until Illinois Permit Deadline

Just a friendly reminder that beginning June 1st, 2008, Illinois will require a permit for all direct-to-consumer wine shipments to the state. A winery must receive the permit before it may begin/resume shipment to the state. In 10 days, under the newly-promulgated wine shipping law, wineries and retailers that have been shipping to Illinois under a reciprocal agreement will no longer be able to ship to the state without a permit. The Illinois Liquor Control Commission has not given any indication of a grace period for shipping while applications are in process.

For expedient processing, an applicant should submit a copy of its state liquor license along with the Out-of-State Winery Shipper’s License application. An applicant must also submit the brand registration form (for brands not already registered with the state) prior to, or simultaneously to the submission of the application. In addition, a winery must register for sales and excise tax. An accelerated tax permit approval process is available for those wineries which have a distributor in state. In any event, and with time running out, electronic submissions will be approved faster than those send via conventional mail. See our previous post for more detailed instructions and a checklist for the application process with links to forms.

Also, as a reminder, Georgia will open up on July 1st, and Wisconsin will begin their new permit system on October 1st. We’ll have the full details of the application process in both states as they become available.


  1. katherine

    If we produce less than 500 cases of wine and we want to ship direct to consumers in your state are we exempt from the fee?

  2. Ashley Campbell - ShipCompliant Research Team

    There is not an exemption from the Out-of-State Winery Shipper’s License fee. Therefore, you would be required to pay the $150 fee, applicable to all wineries who produce less than 250,000 gallons per year. However, something that you may benefit from is the ability to self-distribute; an out-of-state winery who produces less than 25,000 gallons per year may apply for a self-distribution exemption, allowing for the sale of not more than 5,000 gallons of wine to retail licensees per year.



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