Wine Is Not the Maine Event

A bill that would have allowed in-state and out-of-state producers, suppliers, importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers to ship wine to Maine consumers passed through the Senate but after a close vote, died on the House floor yesterday evening. If LD1987 (a.k.a. SP781) would have passed as amended by the Senate, the bill would have allowed licensed entities to ship up to 108 Liters of wine to an of-age individual in a calendar year. Other requirements:

  • Containers of wine shipped cannot be smaller than 750 mL
  • Report and pay sales and excise taxes
  • The bureau may adopt rules requiring specific labeling and registration requirements for direct shippers
  • “The direct shipper or 3rd party carrier contracted by the direct shipper… check for a valid form of identification demonstrating proof of age.” Common carriers register with the state of Maine.

LD 1987 went far in its legislative journey before failing in the House. The bill would have been a step forward for Maine consumers and offered wine producers, retailers, and wholesalers alike an equal opportunity to ship wine directly to eager consumers.

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