Deadline extended for Illinois House bill

Illinois House Bill 429, which would move Illinois from a reciprocal state to a limited direct state for winery direct shipping, did not see a vote by the May 10th deadline, but the deadline for third reading and final action was extended until May 18th. The bill would create a permit system, establish a 12 case per individual per year volume limitation, and introduce excise and sales tax reporting requirements. These changes would go into effect on July 1st, 2007.

HB 429 would also allow for self-distribution (the ability for wineries to ship directly to retailers) for small wineries that produce less than 25,000 gallons per year. 95% of the Illinois wineries produce less than 25,000 gallons. A few additional things to note about HB 429:

  1. Out of state retailers would not be allowed to ship directly to Illinois consumers
  2. A new requirement would help ensure that minors do not receive alcohol:

At the expense of the licensee, the licensee shall receive a delivery confirmation from the express company, common carrier, or contract carrier indicating the location of the delivery, time of delivery, and the name and signature of the individual 21 years of age or older who accepts delivery.

Read the full text of the bill here here:

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