Florida update: No legislation will pass by the deadline, no word from DBPR

As an update to our previous post about Florida, no legislation will pass in the current session, which ends today. At this time, there has been no word from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation about whether they will continue to allow shipping under the current rules. It seems that nobody knows exactly what the DBPR means when they say on their “wine shipment into Florida” site that the “website will remain as a resource until the last day of Session, May 4, 2007″.

Since the last post about this issue in Florida, Senate Bills 126 and 2282, both of which included the 250,000 capacity cap, were combined into one bill (SB 126). SB 126 is stalled in committee and will not pass in this session. After a failed attempt to amend House Bill 1217 (the bill without a cap that is favored by the wineries and consumers) with a capacity cap clause, HB 1217 is also stalled and will not pass in this session.

We will monitor the Florida website closely and provide updates when developments occur. If the DBPR does not provide official notice of a change in policy, wineries will likely assume that nothing has changed and the current rules apply until they are otherwise notified.

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