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American Wine Blog Awards As you might have noticed by the logo on the sidebar of this page over the last week, we have been nominated as a finalist for the first edition of the American Wine Blog Awards in the category of Best Single Subject Wine Blog. We are very honored by this distinction and we thank the team of expert judges that nominated us. Today is the last day of voting, so if you have not yet visited the virtual poll, you can cast your vote by clicking here.

We owe the success of this blog to the support of our dedicated readers – your emails, tips, suggestions, and words of encouragement have made it easy to continue to use this forum to provide up to date news, analysis, and editorial on the topic of direct shipping compliance. A big thank you as well to the contributors of this blog, especially Corbin Houchins, Annie Bones, Sarah Werner, and Jeff Carroll.

I wanted to also take this opportunity to encourage you to contribute more to this blog and help us improve it. Here are a few tips for getting more involved:

  1. Email us! Send an email any time to the address comments (at) Let us know about ideas including (but not limited to):
    • Propose ways to improve the blog in general
    • Suggest new content
    • Let us know about upcoming compliance events or breaking compliance news
    • Ask questions about compliance issues – if you’re having a hard time, it’s likely other folks are having a hard time as well
  2. Post comments. Below each post is a link that says “Add a comment”. Click on that link and use this forum to share your knowledge, opinions, and struggles with your peers.
  3. Subscribe. You can either enter your email address in the “Get Updates” box to receive an email when a new post comes out or you can subscribe to our RSS feed if you use a blog reader.

Thanks again for your support. I’d strongly recommend checking out the finalists in all categories and voting for your favorites by visiting the virtual poll.

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