Arizona permit available, FedEx begins shipping

The new wine shipping laws took effect yesterday in Arizona. Arizona has posted the Application for Out-of-State Domestic Farm Winery or Domestic Microbrewery on their website. Currently, only wineries that produce less than 20,000 gallons per year can ship directly to Arizona residents. Wineries that produce more than 20,000 gallons must “Provide the names and addresses of the wholesalers licensed in this state through which you will ship spirituous liquor into this state.”

FedEx began shipping to Arizona from out of state wineries yesterday. The following is from their update:

FedEx is expanding wine shipping services to accept legal wine shipments to consumers into, out of, and within Arizona. The effective date is September 21, 2006. For those shipping wine to AZ consumers, please note changes on the State Pairing Guide.

For more info on shipping wine with FedEx:

For more info on the new AZ direct shipping changes: and

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