Where is Jim Barbuti?

Effective today, Jim Barbuti of the State of New Hampshire Liquor Commission has a new mailing address. This new address should be used to send your monthly reports as well as any correspndence to Mr. Barbuti.

Mailing Address
State of New Hampshire Liquor Commission
Bureau of Enforcement
Attn: Direct Shipping
PO Box 1795
Concord NH 03302-1795

Fax: (603)271-3758

Does the name Jim Barbuti ring a bell to most of you? Ever received “the call” from Mr. Barbuti? He’s notorious for being extremely thorough in the enforcement of wine direct shipping in NH.

I’ve spoken to Mr. Barbuti a number of times and he is a really nice guy. He just plays by the book. I think the world of direct shipping is much better off because of Mr. Barbuti. When the wholesaler lobby tries to claim that wine direct shipments might end up in the hands of minors or that state taxes will not be collected effectively, all we have to do is point to the state of New Hampshire to refute those claims. In fact, the FTC letter mentioned previously quotes Mr. Barbuti in their defense of supporting direct shipping laws in Florida.

We see many wineries that are reluctant to ship to New Hampshire, but this should not be the case. Get a permit, play by the rules, and everything will be just fine. Other states will soon follow New Hampshire’s lead with more thorough enforcement, but this should not deter wineries from shipping. Understand the rules, get compliant, and take advantage of the powerful direct shipping channel.

(ed.note: Thanks to TD for the tip.)

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