Wine and spirits compliance can be difficult and confusing, especially for retailers. Our software helps you sell in more states, through more channels.

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States available for retailers to ship wine direct-to-consumer.

Each state has it's own regulations for how to ship wine directly to consumers. Retailers and wineries are treated differently by each state, and your permit type makes a big difference in where you are able to ship. Some states that wineries can ship to, retailers cannot. Here is a map of of the states available for retailers to ship wine directly to customers. 

Retailers Map

*Some states are reciprocal states, meaning that generally that if state X’s retailers are allowed to ship into state Y, then state Y’s retailers may ship into state X without the need to obtain a direct shipper license or permit in the destination state

How do I begin shipping to the available states?

You must obtain direct shipping licenses before you can begin shipping to any state. You can go to each state's website and research which forms are required, or you can use our EasyWineLicensing tool. EasyWineLicensing is an easy online checkout that allows you to select one more multiple states. Simply provide your information once and we'll fill out each state's application. It's the easiest and fastest way for retailers and wineries to begin shipping wine directly to consumers.

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