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Protect Your Brand by Monitoring All Beverage Alcohol Labels

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Save time and legal fees when launching new products and expanding into additional markets

Your brand is your identity and the key to setting your wine, beer or spirits apart in the competitive beverage alcohol market. But trademark infringements can be costly, both in terms of possible legal action and damage to your company’s brand.

ShipCompliant LabelVision is a revolutionary trademark monitoring service, providing a powerful search tool to visually search the more than 1.5 million approved labels in the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Public Certificate of Label Approval/Exemption (COLA) Registry.

Using the dynamic interface, filter searches by date approved, class time, varietal, brand and more, to avoid trademark conflicts. Save specific search terms and get notified of newly approved labels that match your search.

ShipCompliant LabelVision Features

Conduct research to stay ahead of competitive trends and protect your brand by monitoring all beverage alcohol labels in the TTB COLA Registry.

Research Trademarks

  • Discover if someone is already using that unique, new brand name before you invest
  • Track label approvals based on saved searches
  • Dynamically filter by date approved, class type, varietal, brand and more

Analyze Industry Trends

  • Track what the competition is doing without having to regularly visit multiple websites or create industry analysis reports from scratch
  • Access custom reports and export search results into Excel to conduct in-depth analysis
  • Get a current snapshot with LabelVision’s pre-populated Industry Trend reports

Monitor Your Brands

  • Protect intellectual property and receive email alerts if someone is using your mark

Manage Product Labels

  • Maintain your company’s approved alcohol labels in one convenient location
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