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Navigate the Complexity of Retail Direct-to-Consumer Shipping

Retailers of wine, beer and distilled spirits face numerous limitations when shipping products to out-of-state customers. Currently only 13 states – Alaska, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming – and the District of Columbia allow these types of sales.

But with this complexity comes challenges. Each of these jurisdictions have unique rules regarding customer volume limits, direct shipping permits, producer consent, label registration, third-party marketing restrictions, reciprocity and prohibition of direct shipment to dry areas.

ShipCompliant by Sovos is the answer.

ShipCompliant by Sovos is the world’s only complete beverage alcohol compliance software for retailers, enabling revenue growth while reducing the burden of tax compliance, reporting and product registration by automating compliance with complex state and federal regulations. The cloud-based solution accelerates retailers’ ability to navigate complex state-by-state regulations, bring new products to market and distribute to customers with confidence that they are complying with the many state and federal regulations.

Increase Accuracy

Direct integration with state and federal agencies, combined with a team of regulatory experts, ensure retailers have access to the most up-to-date rules, tax rates and forms to minimize risk of penalties and fines.

Centralize Processes

Automated workflows and centralized compliance management alleviate manual processes and outdated services.

Automate Workflows

Leverage integrations with the industry’s top technology and fulfillment providers to easily capture data from multiple sources and sync information through a cloud-based solution.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk, knowing that you’re shipping compliantly. All of your shipments will be checked for compliance against every state’s rules and regulations.

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