Tasting Room Map Generator

Customizable Shipping Poster

This 8.5" x 11" poster is an easy way to inform staff and customers of your winery's official shipping policies.

1. Onsite or Offsite?

Are you creating this map for Onsite or Offsite sales? Choose the version below and the available states will change.
Map Title: 

Please check the states below to which your winery is licensed/eligible to ship onsite orders. (Federal Onsite states are checked by default; prohibited states are not included in the list). If you're not sure which states to check, ShipCompliant might be able to help.

Select Color Scheme
    Click this box to change the color used for "checked" states (those you ship orders to).
    Click this box to change the color used for "un-checked" states (those you don't ship orders to).

2. Title or Logo?


JPG, GIF, PNG file types accepted. Images larger than 315 x 135 pixels will be resized.

3. Customize the text

The text you see in the boxes below are just suggestions, please feel free to customize as you wish. View the image at the right to see how the text is laid out. Use this key to determine what text elements you can change

4. Generate your poster!

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