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ShipCompliant Wholesale Gathering: Registration Open!
October 16th & 17th, 2014

ShipCompliant ​is ​holding ​its ​1st ​Annual ​Wholesale ​Gathering ​in ​ White ​Plains, ​New ​York ​at ​the ​Crowne ​Plaza ​on ​October ​16th, ​ with ​one-on-one ​sessions ​with ​the ​ShipCompliant ​team ​scheduled ​ for ​October ​17th. ​We’d ​love ​to ​see ​you ​there! ​We ​will ​ showcase ​some ​new ​technologies ​including ​retail ​insights, ​ back-of-house ​systems ​and ​LabelVision. ​Also, ​hear ​from ​a ​panel ​ of ​regulatory ​leaders, ​industry ​experts ​and ​others ​on ​how ​you ​ can ​make ​ShipCompliant ​more ​than ​a ​compliance ​tool.

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