ShipCompliant creates direct shipping and wine tax reports pre-populated with your wine order data. Simply click, print and send. Our cellar software helps cut time spent on end-of-year reporting tasks by as much as 90%, so you can focus your efforts on building your brand. Our intelligent reports include direct shipping reports for wine and state-required sales tax reports and accounting forms.

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Direct Shipping Reports for Wine and Liquor

Auto-populated Shipping Reports:

  • Direct shipping reports.
  • Detailed shipping schedules.
  • Individual invoices.
  • Electronic filing formats where available.
  • Reconciliation reports.

Auto-populated Tax Reports:

  • Excise tax by alcohol by volume.
  • Sales tax.
  • Mark up tax.
  • Use tax.
  • City, county, and location code level taxes.
  • Onsite vs offsite tax rates.

Report Accuracy:

  • Support for changing tax rates during a reporting period.
  • Knows which reports use order ship date and which use order payment date.
  • Auto-updates actual ship date reported by carrier vs requested ship date entered by winery.
  • Determines which products types are taxable in each state.
  • Supports disaggregation (one shipment with many permitted entities reporting separately but with reconciliation reports).

Report Customizations:

  • Multiple reporting frequencies available.
  • Nexus vs. no nexus selection.
  • COA vs. non-COA (state of WA).
  • Winery specific permit numbers, FEIN, trade name, and business name.
  • Base reports on default recommendations or ship date