Verify customer age just once—only in the states you choose—either as part of a compliance check or as a stand alone process.

Age verification is very important to any compliance workflow and is required for reporting in Wisconsin, Michigan and specific counties of Hawaii. ShipCompliant helps you verify legal drinking age of online purchasers, providing quick, reliable feedback to improve both yours and your customer's experience.

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Provider Options:

  • Select ChoicePoint or IDology as an age verification provider.
  • Bypass set-up fees and monthly minimums you would run into if using these providers independently.

Usage Options:

  • ShipCompliant contains a manual age-verification tool that can also be integrated into compliance checks.
  • Choose to run age verification on all orders or on a state-by-state basis.
  • ShipCompliant allows age verification overrides.
  • Verify each consumer only once, and store that verification for future orders.
  • Access age verification features through a web service for integration into a website or order management system.