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Regulatory compliance, license management & automated reporting

Why use ShipCompliant?

  • Automate out-of-state gallonage and tax reporting

    Pre-populated reports

    Just print and sign (or e-file)

    ShipCompliant takes all of your orders and gets them on the right report for the right state for the right reporting period. Period. You can print individually or in bulk. All required fields will be completed with your company information, just print and sign. We also prep reports for e-file states that allow it. You can store your usernames and passwords for the state e-file websites and send the files right from ShipCompliant without switching gears. Because reports are checked against our compliance engine you can have confidence that the right numbers are on your reports.

    Report alerts

    Warning: You’ll have no excuse for late reports

    Configurable alerts delivered via email and within ShipCompliant will keep you on task and on time. No matter what reporting frequency you choose for each state, you can decide how much lead time you need to get the reports printed and in the mail. Alerts will also keep you up to date on any changes to required reports you use.

    e-File States are a breeze

    ShipCompliant preps reports for e-file for states that allow it. You can store your usernames and passwords for state e-file websites and send the files right from ShipCompliant without switching gears. Jump straight through to e-file on state websites. No hoops needed.

    AutoFile: Reporting on cruise control

    Put your reporting on cruise control

    Does it take longer to get an approved check cut for each state report than it does to read this sentence? Then AutoFile may be for you. No more e-filing or printing reports, no more waiting, no more remembering to put them in the mail. ShipCompliant can now send reports and payments to the state. You’ll see the amount paid to the states on your monthly ShipCompliant invoice. Just choose your states and frequencies and let ShipCompliant do the driving. Learn more about AutoFile.

  • Tools to increase your product throughput

    State registrations

    Product Registration Express creates more time in your day

    A step-by-step guide walks you through preparing all forms for state registrations. ShipCompliant pre-populates all of the required fields and supporting documents so all you have to do is print. Product Registration Express (PRE) allows you to submit labels for multiple states at once while respecting brand territory distribution.

    License management

    Set an alarm for license expiration. No snoozing

    Our license management tool lets you create, clone and update State and Federal licenses and get notified when important deadlines are coming up. Track submission, review, and approval dates so that you know how long the process may take in the future.

    COLA submissions

    Organize and manage your COLAs digitally

    With ShipCompliant, your entire federal registration workflow can live in one place. Our COLA tools walk you through the entire COLA submission process as well as clone and modify previous submissions. You can even pull in formula information directly from the COLAs online site. And because we’re the only compliance provider out there who has an integration with the TTB, you know that your COLAs are in safe hands.

    Price posting

    We’ll handle the crazy spreadsheets for you

    Managing price postings the traditional way can be complex and burdensome. With ShipCompliant all of your price posting documents are handled for you, so you’ll only have to get involved if one of your existing relationships changes. We’ll generate the appropriate price-posting documents for both states and distributors and let you know when you need to send them.

  • Every document has a place in ShipCompliant

    Centralized database

    Your web-based, available-from-anywhere, compliance documents headquarters

    Store your licenses, COLAs, registrations, distributor appointments, franchise letters, reports, and more in one electronic filing cabinet. Upload as much data as you’d like because we have no data restrictions and sorting through it is simple.

    Distribution management

    No more crazy spreadsheets

    Setting up distributor territories is as easy as mapping out the distributors and assigning your brands. We’ll pull this information in to state registration forms that require it and let you know if you have overlapping territories in franchise states so that you can decide how you want to handle it. If a state changes their territories we’ll let you know so that you can make the appropriate changes.

    Tools for sales

    Equip your sales force with tools for success

    Your sales team and distributors will love our solicitor which shows all of your active brands by territory. With the solicitor portal you won’t have to print out monthly order forms for your distributors, and your sales team will always know what they are allowed to sell. Have a large sales force that can be difficult to manage? No problem. Our solicitor management tool makes monitoring the compliance your sales force dead simple – just upload their licenses, divvy them up into territories and get notified when they’re coming up for renewal.

    Time to market analytics

    Mitigate the compliance bottleneck

    Coordinating a national release for a launch date can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. It can take up to six months to complete price posting, registration, and COLA requirements, so timing is everything. With our Time-to-Market Analytics report you’ll know how long it takes you to get from concept to shelf so you’ll know the steps to take first to meet your launch date.


“We didn’t know that we needed a tool like ShipCompliant until we started using it. We are now more efficient than ever with our product registrations, COLAs and licensing. We couldn’t live without it.”
Kelly Monahan, Pernod Ricard
“Exceptional customer service, ease of use, quality of product and the value it has.”
Jacqueline Ryfiak, New Holland


“I like the ease, efficiency, and the features of the program. I like the one stop shop, the great team of experts who are always available to help, most especially Patrick; he always responds immediately to our questions and concerns and always has a solution! It is a pleasure working with all of you.”
Linda Bauer, W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd.

Plans that Make Compliance a No-brainer


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*Pricing is based on the number of cases you distribute and the number of states you do business in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you tell me how much tax I owe to each state?

Yes, we auto-populate all tax, shipping and gallonage reports with any information that the state requires and will calculate any tax that you owe, even if there is $0 due.

Can I use ShipCompliant Wholesale to manage all the brands I import?

Yes, you can configure all the foreign brands you sell in one central location. Each brand can be configured with brand owner information and autorization to streamline your registrations.

What is the advantage of submitting COLA applications through ShipCompliant?

There are several benefits including the ability to crop images within ShipCompliant (so you do not have to open a third-party program like Paint or Photoshop). You can also verify information as you enter it and create drafts that can be saved until you are ready to submit.

Does ShipCompliant's Product Registration support submittals for every state?

Yes. States fall into 3 submittal categories and ShipCompliant automates the packet for all three.

  1. States using PRO allow you to submit the packet straight from ShipCompliant to the State Administrator for approval.
  2. States that require paper packets, ShipCompliant will create print and submittal ready packet that you will just print and mail
  3. States that allow or require eFile submittal, ShipCompliant will link you to the state’s website to upload your packet.