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Allowing States to Quickly and Easily View and Approve Brand Label Registrations.

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What is PRO?

Product Registration Online, is a web-based system that automates and streamlines the brand label registration process. PRO was built to make the registration process quick and easy for states and licensees alike, streamlining the process while preserving existing state rules.

PRO Features


TTB Integration

PRO’s TTB data interconnect integration allows licensees to pull label information to quickly and easily add labels to a registration.


Email Notification and Alerts

Suppliers receive notification of registration approval, denial, or needed information. State administrators are notified of new registrations.


Reports & Analytics

Administrators can see data and reports detailing financial reconciliation, registrations and licensee information in real-time, any time.


Automated Renewals

Licensees can complete hundreds of renewals in only a few minutes. Electronic renewals are 100% hands-free for state administrators.


Searchable Database

Licensees have a real time view of registration status and listing of searchable approved registrations to share with distributors.



PRO’s API services can be used to update supplier and distributor information. Other methods to update information also available.



Reduces Approval Times From Weeks To Days


Communicate Easily and Efficiently


No Cost to the State


Spend Less Time Supporting Licensees

We can get more done because we don’t have to open mail and process checks for every case. We are also able to review applications electronically and message back without having to look up contact info if we need another document or clarification.

Debbi Beavers

Operation Manager, Kansas ABC

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