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ShipCompliant DIRECT

May 28 & 29, 2015 | Napa, CA

Every year the entire ShipCompliant team travels to Napa to host this high-energy and information packed conference. This conference delivers a wealth of information on the most recent direct shipping legislative changes, regulatory updates, the latest industry trends and more.

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Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 2015

January 28 & 29, 2015 | Sacramento, CA

For more information, visit or follow along in social media (#UWGS).
ShipCompliant presented the following session:
Regulatory Hurdles for DTC, Social Media, and Third Party Sales Channels

Jeff Carroll, Vice President, Compliance and Strategy, ShipCompliant, participated in this panel

Presentations will be available here.

Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium - 2015

January 14 & 15, 2015 | Concord, CA

The DTC Wine Symposium is presented by and a fundraiser for Free the Grapes!, which has worked successfully with local winery associations, the Coalition for Free Trade and industry representatives to increase the number of legal direct shipping states from 17 to 41, which represent 89% of the total US population.  For more information, visit or follow along in social media (#DTCWS).
ShipCompliant presented the following session:
First Peek at 2015 DTC Data

Which states and price points are hot? Where are the missed opportunities? Jeff Carroll, Vice President, Compliance and Strategy, presented the annual ShipCompliant / Wines & Vines Direct Shipping Report on January 15, and presented the key findings that will influence your 2015 strategies.

Download the 2015 Direct Shipping Report

Direct Shipping Virtual Seminar - 2014

November 11, 2014 | 11AM PT

Join this complimentary seminar to hear the latest on direct shipping legislation, the newest reporting innovations, and tools and tips for streamlining end-of year reporting.

ShipCompliant’s annual Virtual Seminar provides one of the most important industry updates for wineries selling direct to consumer, and this year’s seminar comes at an especially opportune time with changes in Massachusetts set to take effect on January 1, 2015.

You will learn about a number of new and pending developments that will impact wineries, including:

  • New direct shipping opportunity in Massachusetts
  • Regulatory updates from around the industry
  • AutoFile, an innovation that has reduced time and headaches involved in reporting and tax payment for wineries like yours
  • Tools and tips for end-of-year reporting

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ShipCompliant University - 2014

October 23, 2014 | Napa, CA

ShipCompliant hosted a small gathering in Napa. Agenda included:

  • Massachusetts opening for ​Direct to Consumer wine shipping in 2015​. How can your winery capitalize on this opportunity?
  • Regulatory updates from around the wine industry with Jeff Carroll, Vice President, Compliance & Strategy
  • New and upcoming features from ShipCompliant and partners.
ShipCompliant Wholesale Gathering - 2014

October 16 & 17, 2014 | White Plains, NY

ShipCompliant ​held its ​1st ​Annual ​Wholesale ​Gathering ​in ​ White ​Plains, ​New ​York ​at ​the ​Crowne ​Plaza ​on ​October ​16th, with ​one-on-one ​sessions ​with ​the ​ShipCompliant ​team ​scheduled ​on ​October ​17th. ​Thank you to everyone who participated! ​We ​showcased ​some ​new ​technologies ​including ​retail ​insights, ​back-of-house ​systems ​and ​LabelVision. ​Attendees also heard from ​a ​panel ​ of ​regulatory ​leaders, ​industry ​experts ​and ​others ​on ​how ​to make ​ShipCompliant ​more ​than ​a ​compliance ​tool.

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