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If this is your first time here, we recommend that you read our introductory post to this series on the CARE Act of 2011.


HR 1161 (The Community Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act)—formerly known as HR 5034, is one of the most important pieces of alcohol-related legislation introduced into Congress in many years…as well as one of the most divisive. If passed, the bill would provide the states with greater authority, granted directly by Congress, to regulate the sale and distribution of alcohol, including beer, spirits and wine.

No piece of legislation, either in the various state legislatures or in Washington, has generated so much discussion (and hyperbole) within the wine industry. Because of the flood of claims, counter claims, misinformation and because of the importance of this issue to every tier, we thought it was important to get all views on the table for the industry to see, evaluate and discuss.

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