UPS Begins Shipping to Massachusetts

UPS has announced they are open for wine shipping services in Massachusetts.  Shipments to Massachusetts began on February 1st when FedEx received the proper permits and began shipping. Now both of the major carriers are operational in MA. For a full list of states to which UPS will ship and guidelines for wine shippers, see UPS’ wine site.

Wine shipping in Massachusetts became legal this past January and this new market has meant big things for the industry. You can learn more about this in our previous post about DTC in Massachusetts.


  1. Jordan

    When we applied for a DTC license we had to notify the state which carrier we would be using, do we need to notify them that we would now be using UPS? or is that not necessary? Thanks!

    • Rachel Bush - Marketing Coordinator

      Hi, Jordan! Thanks for the question. We did a little research, and it turns out there is no need to re-notify the state which carrier you will be using. Hope that’s helpful!


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