Oklahoma: Electronic Renewal Now Available for Auto-Approved Registrations

The Oklahoma ABLE Commission, in a partnership with Product Registration Online (PRO), now offers an electronic method for renewing labels for non-resident seller permit holders.  Renewing online is quick and easy, and your renewals will be both auto-approved and available on the Oklahoma Active Brands website as soon as they are submitted.

All actively registered beer, wine, and spirit labels must be renewed and paid for by May 15th in order to be sold starting July 1st in Oklahoma.  Transitioning to the PRO system is expected to decrease the average registration time from several weeks to only a few days. Licensees will be able to use PRO for new brand registrations, as well as line extension and revision registrations after the renewal period comes to a close on May 15th.

This year, the state is requiring that all licensees renew their labels using a renewal template that includes the COLA number and the brand name. Accessing the template, as well as submitting online, can be done by clicking here, or by clicking on the button below.


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