Wine Retailers Can Only Ship to 14 States


Retail-to-Consumer-Blog-Post-300x180Since the 2005 Granholm v. Heald Supreme Court decision addressing the interstate direct shipment of wine, the number of states allowing out-of-state wineries to ship directly to consumers has increased from 31 states to 42. The experience for licensed wine retailers (for example: brick and mortar wine shops, California Type 85 or 20 licensees and auction houses) however, has been somewhat different. The number of states previously available to retailers since 2005 has declined from 18 to 14 states and the District of Columbia.

What Retailers Need to Know

To help retailers navigate the market, we’ve created a quick reference guide, including basic information on regulations in the states available for retailer-to-consumer wine shipping. This guide includes links to license applications, statutes, state websites, and volume limits (if applicable). Note that four states on this list are “reciprocal” states. Reciprocity means generally that if state X’s retailers are allowed to ship into state Y, then state Y’s retailers may ship into state X without the need to obtain a direct shipper license or permit in the destination state. These states are: Idaho, Missouri, New Mexico, and California. General requirements that apply to interstate retail shipments also include but are not limited to:

Download the Retailer Wine Shipping Guide

All states available to retailers are also available to wineries, and in many cases the regulations for the two shippers are similar. Indeed, permit-required states like North Dakota and New Hampshire allow for retailers and wineries to use the same application process and abide by the same rules in order to direct ship wine to that state. With this observation in mind, it would stand to reason that there is the potential for retailers to be welcomed to the same direct shipping states as wineries; actual practice, however, gives wineries access to three times the amount of the US market share.

Additional resources:

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Note: This post was originally published in 2013. 


  1. Can you please update Specialty Wine Retailers to National Association of Wine Retailers ( Thank you!

    Website/Name was changed a few years back!

  2. So how is it that most internet wine retailers ship to around 35-40 states? Are they all breaking the rules or is there some loophole?

  3. Are the states listed here just for type 20 and 85 licenses?

    • Hi, Stephen! Thanks for the question. It’s a little tricky, but generally, no; these rules do apply only to “licensed retailers,” but that should include all retail license types. It’s important to note that one or two of these states might have a wrinkle requiring that they be a “wine retailer.” Figuring this out requires reading the statutes, which is linked to in this post. And for all of them, except NE, NH, and VA, this only permits wine sales (VA also limits to only wine or beer). Hope that’s helpful!



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