Last Month to Renew Labels in South Dakota

Happy Holidays! With Thanksgiving and the busiest shopping day of the year behind us, we have less than one more month of 2014 left. That’s 29 days of finishing resolutions you made last year and even less to buy holiday gifts! It also means that the label renewal periods for a few states are coming to a close! Luckily, South Dakota label renewals can be easily completed electronically in just a few minutes. All you need to know are the labels that you wish to continue to sell in 2015, and your four digit brand registration license number (the ABC can provide this if you’ve forgotten your number). That’s one more item to check off of your list for 2014 so you can get back to breaking out the holiday decorations!

Follow these four simple steps to complete your South Dakota renewals:
1) Click the button below
2) Login using your four digit brand registration number and email address
3) De-select any products you don’t want to renew
4) Complete your renewals by paying via check or credit card

Renew Now

Need help with renewals? Call our free, friendly support department at (303) 996-2356 or

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