Alabama is now an available state in PRO

Alabama has joined the likes of seven other states (Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, South Dakota, North Carolina, and Washington) as the latest state to accept label registrations via Product Registration Online.  Alabama typically requires licensees to fill out and submit a Brand/ Label Registration Request form to the state ABC. Licensees using PRO don’t need to fill out this form by hand; instead all the information is transmitted electronically to the state. Like other PRO states, licensees will receive approval emails and be able to look up their registrations in the public facing label database. Best of all, there are no state fees for using registrations via PRO, and, the Lorax will thank you.

Here is what you need to know about registering products in Alabama:

  • Wine and sparkling wine labels equal to or under 24% ABV need to be registered
  • Malt labels under 14% ABV need to be registered
  • Alabama is a control state for spirits, and wine over 24%.
  • There are no label renewals in Alabama.

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