What Wineries Can Learn from the NFL

Anyone watching the NFL has probably noticed something a little different this year…the referees stink!

Thanks to a labor dispute with the refs, the NFL has been using “less qualified professionals” to regulate the games. And after Monday night’s fiasco in Seattle (sorry Packers fans), it’s clear the NFL’s fan base finally put enough pressure on the league this week to come to a financial agreement with the regular referees.

Despite having the same teams, same players and same rules, the NFL’s entire brand was tarnished this year when they tried to minimize their expenses on enforcing the rules.

Believe it or not there’s a lesson in here for wineries.

NFL referees are in many ways similar to the compliance operations for a winery. They both make sure that rules are followed and things run smoothly. When problems occur, they act quickly, collaboratively and decisively to resolve them. It’s often said the best referees are the ones that aren’t often noticed. The same could be said for your wine compliance.

And if it’s not handled professionally? Well, things internally can get messy, unexpected costs can occur and customer relationships can even get strained. We’ve seen it happen quite a bit.

So take a note from the NFL and make sure that you’re not shortchanging your compliance solution. Your fans will thank you for it!


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