stings fellow retailers is apparently not in the holiday spirit. They recently set up a number of sting operations by purchasing wine on their competitors’ sites and notifying state ABCs that illegal shipments were on the way. Vinography has the full scoop. Be sure to read the comments below the post as well to see a pretty heated discussion that includes the CEO of Not surprisingly, the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America applauded the move.


  1. I own a small company (Baril Compliance Service) that specializes in out of state compliance, including obtaining permits for wineries to sell to consumers. We are well aware of the complications and difficulties involved in staying abreast of the laws. It’s all we can do in our company to stay on top of the changes, and it’s our business to stay informed and correct! We know how much our clients struggle to do so, with the best of intentions. I am shocked and appalled by this behavior by What makes them think they were assigned the job of policing their competitors websites and “busting them” to the regulators? I can only hope that there is an uprising against in the industry and that companies will pull out of doing business with them.

  2. We import Austrian wines, and I can promise you that will never offer our wines on their website.

    The discussion rages on at Vinography….still worth checking out.


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