FedEx Express and FedEx Ground policy for return of wine shipments

FedEx Express and FedEx Ground have clarified their policy for the return of direct-to-consumer wine shipments. Because FedEx policy only allows for approved licensees to ship wine, it has been understood and interpreted that individual consumers as recipients of a wine shipment are prohibited from returning such a shipment to the sender. However, return shipments can be tendered to Fedex from consumers or licensees, but must be initiated by the original shipper/licensee. A likely “return” would be the shipper packed the wrong wine bottle and the recipient customer needs to send it back for replacement for the correct item. The returned wine must be in its original packaging. Please visit the FedEx website at or contact Wine Institute at 415-512-0151 to learn more about the FedEx Wine Shipping Program and Wine Institute Member discount.

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