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Consumers are experiencing an explosion of options when it comes to beverage alcohol, and beer specifically, whether in bars, restaurants and liquor stores, but this choice comes at a price: the Brewers Association reported sales and production numbers for the overall beer market are down 1% year over year. Competition, coupled with increased complexity of state and federal regulations for the beer industry, complicates brewery growth and operations. Undaunted, the number of breweries in the beer industry continues to explode, growing at a rate of 16% in 2017 as reported by the Brewers Association.

But with this growth comes challenges. Breweries face challenges – like the long list of complicated requirements to be fulfilled before beer can be distributed and sold in any state – there’s never a shortage of work, and always a shortage of time. To get it all done, brewery employees have to wear a lot of hats, one of which is compliance. Licensing, trademark research, state and federal registrations, price postings and required filings make compliance a time-consuming and expensive process.

ShipCompliant by Sovos is the answer.

ShipCompliant by Sovos is the world’s only complete beverage alcohol compliance software for beer producers and suppliers, enabling revenue growth while reducing the burden of compliance, reporting and product registration by automating compliance with complex state and federal regulations. The cloud-based solution accelerates breweries’ ability to navigate complex state-by-state regulations, bring new products to market and distribute to customers with confidence that they are complying with the many state and federal regulations.

Increase Accuracy

Direct integration with state and federal agencies, combined with a team of regulatory experts, ensure breweries have access to the most up-to-date rules, tax rates and forms to minimize risk of penalties and fines.

Centralize Processes

Automated workflows and centralized compliance management alleviate manual processes and outdated services.

Automate Workflows

Leverage integrations with the industry’s top technology and fulfillment providers to easily capture data from multiple sources and sync information through a cloud-based solution.

Gain Real-time Market Visibility

Stay up-to-date on all active brands, monitor compliance and easily coordinate timelines from concept to shelf.

Solutions for Beer

ShipCompliant AutoFile
Set your tax and compliance reporting on autopilot and let the ShipCompliant team handle tax and compliance reporting submissions each month.

ShipCompliant Market Ready
Reduce administrative and lost opportunity costs by simplifying compliance processes to quickly and efficiently get products to market.

ShipCompliant LabelVision
Save time and legal fees when launching new products and expanding into additional markets, and protect your brand by monitoring all beverage alcohol labels.

ShipCompliant PRO
Streamline workflows, expedite product registration approvals in every state, and quickly resolve any issues using automated product registration platform.

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