About ShipCompliant


At ShipCompliant, we believe that compliance should never limit our customers from being successful in the wine & spirits industry.

Where we came from

Since 2000 Six88 Solutions has been creating business solutions for the wine industry via software delivered as a service. We have always operated in the direct-to-consumer channel to enable wine to efficiently reach more customers across the US. Our flagship product, ShipCompliant was launched in January of 2005 to address the need for a mechanism for any winery (or winery order system) to access up to date state regulations and tax rates for direct shipments to consumers and at the same time track their shipments so they can ensure compliance with the regulations.

What we do

ShipCompliant processes direct shipments for more than 2,000 wine brands across the U.S. We maintain the industry's most accurate and up to date database of direct shipping rules in order to enable real-time compliance checks and auto-populated state shipping and tax reports. Integrated features include age verification, address validation, and state, county, city, and location code based tax rates.

ShipCompliant allows access to its feature set via web services so any order management, eCommerce, Point-of-sale, fulfillment or Wine Club system can seamlessly integrate shipping compliance into their application creating smooth workflows for winery customers.

ShipCompliant recently added the capability to offer these same compliance features to wine retailers.